Lesson Plan for Problem Solving

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Lesson Plans for Problem Solving


Students learn to break apart multiple step problem solving, solve all parts then put the parts together to solve problems.


The students will:

* Solve problems by using appropriate strategies * Use models to represent division as inverse of multiplication * Use models to represent multiplication * Use and describe various models for multiplication in problem-solving situations, and demonstrate recall of basic multiplication and related division facts with ease.


* Power point presentation * Copies of practice problem (see Power Point) * Copies of the “Bracket” * Scissors * Glue sticks * White boards * Markers * Erasers * Practice cards with Practice problems


1. Begin lesson with first slide of Power Point. 2. Tell students that you are going to show they how to break apart word problems and solve each part. 3. Show Power Point. 4. Distribute copies of the last problem on the power point and copies of the Bracket. 5. Read problem together. 6. Tell students to first underline each part of the problem. 7. Teacher model. 8. Distribute scissors and glue stick. 9. Tell students to cut apart the problem into its parts. 10. Tell students to place parts on the map and raise hand for teacher to check work before the student glues down the problem. 11. Share last frame of power point for students to check their work. 12. Distribute practice cards to each group of three to four students. 13. Each stack of cards is placed in the center of group. 14. Groups take turns picking a card and read the problem. 15. Each group member solves the problem by drawing the “whole to part” map on their white board and solving each part. Group members discuss their answers. 16. This…...

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