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Dear Mr. President,
As you know, we live in America, a democracy. And in living in this democracy, the people have a responsibility to participate in things both civic and political. If we did not, this democracy would not work and America would not be the same. It is up to the citizens to speak up for what we believe to be able to help maintain this wonderful country.
I write to you to request that we create a holiday for Billy Graham. I feel that Mr. Graham very much deserves a holiday in his honor for all his influences on America. He has performed countless sermons to about 80 million people and millions more over radio or television. For about 3 million people, he helped by guiding them in their decisions to join Christ and has given confidence to countless more Christians. Billy Graham, as you may know, has helped at presidential inaugurations and presidential funerals. He has been comfort in times of need and even influenced Christians during the civil rights movement by stating his belief that all people of America should be treated equally, including black people.
The most honorable characteristic of Billy Graham is the fact that he does all that he does simply because he believes it is the right, Christianly thing to do. He has definitely contributed a lot to the Christian society and it would probably be very different without him, seeing as he was a major factor of developing contemporary Christianity.
Not only is the Christian community different, but possibly also the African American society. During the civic dispute about the rights and freedoms of black Americans, Graham invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. over to discuss the issue. He made it clear that he was in favor of equal rights. This set an example for Christians and could possibly have been a huge factor in many decisions.
As a Christian, I am personally grateful to…...

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