Living in 1994

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Vi’Dual Futch
English 132- F1
Dr. Dabney Gray
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living In 1994
Many births happened all around the world in the year of 1994. There was one in particular that happened in a small town in Georgia called Statesboro. The kid that was born name is Vi’Dual Futch. He was born July 1st, 1994 to be more exact. During this year many events happened across the globe that was important to many. In fact a couple of them are flood related mortality in Georgia, Zimbabwe taking a lead in promoting birth control, and 30 people drowned as Haitian police fire on refugees. These 3 events happened in the year of 1994 and had an impact all- over the world. One can research these events and find several articles pertaining to them. The world had a lot going during the 1994 period, which gave light to the world. July 3, 1994 something happened in Georgia that killed people, injured people, and destroyed much of South Georgia. In fact, Center Of Disease Control classified 30 deaths as flood related from July 4 thru July 14 as ME/Cs. (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, July 29, 1994: 526-530) The “GREAT FLOOD” of 1994 of Georgia; many refer to this tropical storm as. The storm originated off the coast of Africa on June 30. The storm named Alberto struck the Florida panhandle and it came with severe winds and rain. Winds were up to 60 miles per hour. The flood caused several roads in 30 counties to close. The storm also ruptured many dams included 100 recreational water-sheds. By the time the center of the storm entered Georgia it had destroyed and weakened almost every-part of Columbus, Georgia. The storm caused unstable weather in many counties in Georgia. The government announced 159 counties in Georgia as federal disaster areas. Data shows that decedents ranged from the age 2 to 84 and 20 deaths were male. 40% of the time floods accounted…...

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