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Lobbyist Interview

Lobbyist Interview Tiffany Raspberry is professional and registered lobbyist employed by York Group Associates in New York. She has a vast background in government service and the political arena. Her current clients include organizations dedicated to economic development, education, cultural diversity, health care, and child welfare (Raspberry, 2012). This interview will provide a synopsis of Ms. Raspberry’s role as a social services lobbyist; discuss how her position affects social policy changes; will touch on how human service dollars are acquired, and what role that money plays in direct services; examine how Ms. Raspberry sees herself, as a policy changer or a funding advocate; and allow for her personal view on the future of human services.
The Role of the Social Services Lobbyist The lobbyist plays a vital role in the equitable distribution of governmental funds to non-profit agencies that have a mission to assist those who have been oppressed or suffered some form of injury (legal or physical). The lobbyist must communicate to individual politicians, or to entire groups of legislators, exactly how and why funding dollars should be allocated to their clients (Raspberry, 2012).
How Does the Lobbyist Affect Social Policy Changes Contrary to popular belief, the lobbyist is not always interested solely in governmental funding. There are many instances in which the lobbyist is hired by an organization, or a group of agencies for the purpose of changing or creating legislation. For example, Ms. Raspberry was hired to advocate with the New York State Legislature on behalf of the same-sex marriage bill. There was no funding attached to this vote, it was exclusively an issue related to social change and equality (Raspberry, 2012).
Acquiring Funding & How it is Used Ms. Raspberry is hired by non-profit organizations that…...

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