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Assignment 2: Local e-Transformation Example
By: Mohamed S. Alaydaroos
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I shall be using the company that I work for (i.e. National Drilling Company) as an example of a local organization that experienced a successful e-transformation journey. National Drilling Company (NDC) basically is the largest drilling contractors in the Middle East, providing its customers with quality drilling, work-over and well maintenance services, while maintaining the highest safety, integrity and environment standards and implementing the international best practices in terms of quality and enhancing efficient productivity. Established in 1972, NDC was the first venture among the ADNOC Group of Companies. Today, the company operates a huge fleet (over 60 nos.) of land, offshore drilling rigs, island rigs, Multi-Purpose Service Vessel, as well as water well rigs. Since Rig ND-1 began work in 1973, NDC has drilled over 6,000 wells land, offshore and island.
Although NDC has celebrated its 40 years in 2012, IT and its involvement in NDC throughout that have only been felt and appreciated in the last 10 to 15 years. Many IT related projects, step-change initiatives, and high profile implementations occurred during the said period and I’m going to mention four main ones, namely: SAP ERP implementation, VSAT connectivity of the remote sites, corporate intranet portal and video conferencing.
SAP ERP implementation
Prior to the introduction of an ERP platform into the organization, most of the legacy applications that NDC was using were built in-house, not scalable, and lacked proper and adequate integration. Moreover, the hardware and software to support those applications were old, perform as silos, and found to be expensive and difficult to maintain.

With that in mind, the goals and objectives for the project were listed as follows: * Replace an ageing…...

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