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A brief about the organization: TI Automotive
Incorporated in England, TI Automotive is the only global supplier of fully integrated fuel storage and delivery systems for cars and trucks and the leading supplier of fluid carrying systems for braking and powertrain applications to automakers worldwide. TI automotive employs over 18,000 people, has more than 100 facilities, operating in 27 countries spread over 6 continents.
Bundy India Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of TI Automotive. Earlier known as Bundy Tubing of India the company in India is popularly known as Bundy. It is well known for its precision tube manufacturing and was the market leader for Fluid Carrying Systems for Automotive and Refrigerator / Air Conditioner. Bundy India Ltd produces high pressure double wall tubes for brake application in automotive industry as well as it produces low pressure single wall tube for fuel application in automotive and gas flow application in refrigeration and air-conditioning. The company set up its first plant at Baroda in collaboration with Murgapa Group of companies in the year 1972. Initially, Bundy started the production of double wall tube for all application and had monopoly in the market. It enjoyed this for many years till 1992. With the industrial market getting more & more competitive, the OEMs (Refrigeration/ Air conditioner) started buying single wall tube from other vendors at lower rates. The company soon started losing money year on year and went into red. Bundy’s dark days had started.
Employees however weren't too concerned and they would often misuse the resources. Every level of worker used to travel by air irrespective of the need to travel at all. Loyalty towards the company was touching a bottom. Product lines weren't competitive enough and quality was taking a back seat. Delegation of authority was missing. Market analysis and research…...

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