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(A.) Introduction
This paper provides an overview of how the various component of the Black Scholes model impact the option price and to what degree. The 6 determinants of the BS model namely stock price, strike price, time to expired, volatility, risk free interest rate and dividend are explained as well as their relative impacts of Call and Put prices.
This is followed by discussions of a case study on a company UWA which has decided to change its performance rewards policy from bonus payout to an options offer and whether the management would actually benefit from such a program.
Finally another case study covering the financial relationship between Macdonalds Corporation and its subsidiary in UK and the various arrangements between the firms. The paper analyses the benefit of hedge policies using cross currency swaps and whether Macdonalds should recognize its profit and loss for Cross currency swaps as OCI (Other Comprehensive Income) in its Revennue statements and the potential impacts.
This submission is part of the Main Assignment for the Advanced Treasury Management – Financial Engineering module as part of MSC 25 course.

(1a.) is the cumulative distribution function of the standard normal distributionS is the spot price of the underlying assetT − t is the time to maturityK is the strike pricer is the risk free rateN(d1) and N(d2) represent log normal distribution values. |
Options are derivative instruments that give investors the right to buy or sell the underlying asset sometime in the future for a certain price. Ideally the price of an option should have been the difference between the Future price and the Current price. However it became evident that other factors such as the duration, the volatility of the underlying, Interest rates also influence the price of an option. As such a mathematical model called the Black-Sholes model was…...

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Macdonalds model. The same year, in 1948 the model was about affordable dining for family who wanted to eat out. The “Speedy Service System” was also implemented that included an assembly line of sorts, a nine-item menu, and an all male staff. The operations were proven successful in 1952 ad the first franchise was sold to Neil Fox who opened a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona and created the well-known golden arches of McDonalds. Fox had huge success with the store and the brothers were reluctant at first to begin a national franchise system, but soon realized that too many copycats were creeping up and they needed an advantage and a head start. Ray Croc joined the team as the exclusive franchise agent in the United States. Some of the problems and challenges facing the company is the increase in competition, poor management, bad marketing, and lack of response to the changes in the needs of franchises and customers. This resulted in the strategic issues that needed to be implemented to continue growing success for the company. Going global is critical in the expansion of McDonalds. Over the past couple of decades, the major chains have also begun to expand into the global marketplace and have opened franchises up around the world. McDonald’s currently operates in over 120 countries around the world with over 30,000 stores. In analyzing this company, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats were inevitably explored to better understand the current......

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...of not using the market cooked foods or they don’t have culture of eating outside, this also may affect the business of the company. Education and awareness is another factor. People may have the bad image of the food they consume if the quality of the food is not well. As a result they spread the negativity which may arise the fall in the sell. Another is age groups of people. So, company should emphasis on the socio-cultural aspect of the operating countries in order to provide the best service and obtain well business. Currently in UK MacDonald’s faced social problem. As from report from BBC, it was found about the sexual poem in the Kid Meal which was complained by the parents of the country and later the company apologised. LEGAL FACTOR In the external environment legal factor also have its impact in the different organisation and companies. In context to the fast food companies it arises the different problems. The legal issues regarding the quality of foods, employees, environment and many more are some of them. There was a current roar against the fast food industry. It has forced McDonald’s to apply more close examination on their corporate social responsibility. As a whole it has addressed to requirement of the company to generate its corporate reputation to more positive and the more socially responsible company. The reputation of McDonald’s is obviously a huge question. Noticed on company’s web site, seems, that they have got steps to take in hand the key......

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...listed himself as Chief Technology Officer of Music Group on his LinkedIn page, as well. Defendant used the email address "" for correspondence. Defendant worked more than the single 40-hour week contemplated schedule set forth in the Agreement as evidenced by his income, which exceeds the $5,000 monthly flat rate: Plaintiff paid Defendant $61,540 for 5 months of work in 2010, $189,958.86 in 2011, $240,240 in 2012, and $167,670 for eight months of 2013. In the course of his work pursuant to the Agreement, in September 2010 Defendant drafted the status report labeled "IS and IT Strategy Document," and provided it to Plaintiff. In the report, Defendant identified certain problems with Music Group's systems and set forth a strategy for moving forward. Some of the problems Defendant identified in this report--namely, (1) IT/IS projects were "incompletely implemented, or misimplemented"; (2) a "high degree of fragmentation in the currently implemented systems"; (3) the "current systems are not updated or upgraded"; and (4) the infrastructure is not centrally managed"--were also identified by Presidio, Inc. ("Presidio"), the company Plaintiff hired to assist in its recovery following the cyber- attack, as barriers to recovery. During the course of his work, Defendant also signed contracts with third party companies as Music Group's Chief Technology Officer and without first consulting with Behringer. Within the company, Defendant reported to Behringer......

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