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MGMT411 – International Management
Quiz for Week 8 – Part 2


WHO to Hire?

The exercise is to be found in our textbook from page 554 to page 556. Read the background and applicant information and complete the following table:

|Applicant |Rank |Reasons |
|Park L. |3 |I’m sure the answer in the book would not want me to rank Park as high as 3 but there are a |
| | |lot of things I like about him. I know he doesn’t have a graduate degree but I think his |
| | |experience in the field is more valuable. I like the fact that he has worked his way up |
| | |from the bottom and the only reason he can’t go any hire is due to family members in the |
| | |business controlling those positions. His current company having sales about the average in|
| | |the Pacific Rim is very attractive and he has a great reputation in the area. |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
|Kiran K. |1 |Kiran would be my first choice because of her extreme knowledge in the area of international|
| |…...

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