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Principle of Management

Term Report

HR Management in HBL:

Submitted To: Ms. Samra tayyab
Date: 05th Jan, 2008


We deem it an honor to our respected teacher her guidance and help that she has provided throughout this course of principle of Management. Because of her patience and extended knowledge over the subject, we were not only able to understand the course but also took keen interest in her lectures. Without her suggestions and advises we would not have been able to produce this report according to their requirement of standard.

In doing so we are grateful to the many people who have given their time and guidance to help us in our report writing. Our special thanks to Mr. Syed A. Shahab, AVP, Human Resource Department, Habib Bank Limited, who was very cooperative and provided us with all the relevant details pertaining to the scope of Information Management.

We are also grateful to the people in the Corporate HR, MIS and Accounts Department for the detailed information regarding the management solutions used in HBL.

We would also like to thank our family, friends, and course fellows who were a continuous source of encouragement and moral support. We all have worked hard to use our limited time and resources to bring this report up to the desired standard.

Group Members:

Rafay usman

Shariq ameen

Muhammad junaid ashraf

Alina parvaiz

khaula khan

Executive Summary

In this report we have applied all of what we have learnt in this course. Special emphasis is laid on the mapping of Information Management Lifecycle onto HBL’s Human Resource Department. We have also mentioned the different kinds of Information Management Solutions being used by HBL, and their role in the HR Department. To make the information as accurate as possible we have visited different department as to know how they disseminate,…...

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