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I. Executive Summary
II. Definition and History of Data Security
III. Brief Back Ground of ManTech
IV. Current Business Issues
V. Proposed Solution
VI. Recommendations
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Work Cited

I. Executive Summary
With the recent break-in of the ManTech’s network infrastructure, I am providing
ManTech’s Executive Committee with information to help them identifying issues and and providing them with for these issues. In the following document we provide:
• Definition and History of Data Security
• Brief Back Ground of ManTech
• Discussion of ManTech’s
• Current Business Issues
• Proposed Solution
This report includes a summary of findings for the ManTech Corporation, research, and appropriate recommendations for appropriate actions that ManTech Executive Committee can use to further their Data Security success.

II. History and Definition of Data Security
Since the invention of writing, heads of states and military commanders understood that it was necessary to provide some mechanism to protect the confidentiality of written correspondence and to have some means of detecting tampering. Julius Caesar is credited with the invention of the Caesar cipher ca. 50 B.C. (Caesar’s Cipher - Data Encryption), which was created in order to prevent his secret messages from being read should a message fall into the wrong hands. World War II brought about much advancement in information security and marked the beginning of the professional field of data security.
The end of the 20th century and early years of the 21st century saw rapid advancements in telecommunications, computing hardware and software, and data encryption. The availability of smaller, more powerful and less expensive computing equipment made electronic data processing within the reach of small business and the home user. These computers quickly became interconnected…...

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