Marketing Plan Phase 3

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Marketing Plan: Phase III
Team D:

July 18, 2011
MKT 421
University of Phoenix
Glenna Twing

Marketing Plan: Phase III

Verizon, a global leader in telecommunications, information technology, and entertainment hopes to leap-frog over the competition with its development of an integrated whole-house digital video recorder (DVR). Verizon’s fiber optic (FiOS) service is the only television, Internet, and digital voice service currently available using 100% fiber optics (Verizon, 2009). As part of a team assignment, Team D has provided plans for the innovative whole-house DVR and identified the segmentation criteria that affects the target market. These factors may influence purchasing decisions of Verizon’s customers but more importantly these factors affect the marketing strategy. Developing a new product or service begins by conducting extensive research into the quality of the product, the wants and needs of the target market, introduction of the product to the public, meeting the appropriate price, and competition. In this phase, Team D will discuss differentiation and positioning, product life-cycle, and the appropriate marketing mix for Verizon’s successful launch of their new product and service.
Whole-House Integrated DVR
Verizon’s new product - a whole-house integrated wireless (WiFi) enabled cable box offers more features than any other cable box on the market. With the purchase of this new system, customers have less equipment to worry about, leaving more time for enjoyment. The integrated cable box allows the customer to connect up to 10 televisions within the home whereas the closest competitors’ cable box allows only four televisions (DirecTV, 2011). This new cable box provides integrated wireless service to other televisions by means of a small wireless router, making this setup an ideal space saver. The digital video recorder (DVR)…...

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