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Marketing Analysis of Carbonated Drinks Sector
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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 5C Analysis 4 Company: 4 Collaborators: 5 Customers: 7 Competitors: 9 Climate: 11 Segmentation, Target, Positioning 13 Product Mix 21 Communication 24 Going to market 26 Pricing 27 Coca Cola pricing strategy 28 Coca Cola downgrade due to low cost rivals 29 Price gap blowout 29 Lower prices the answer 30 Profitability 30 Customer Acquisition, Retention and Development 31 Strategies used by companies in the carbonated drinks sector 32 Conclusion 33 References 35

Executive Summary

Beverages are divided into 7 different categories - Energy drinks, Juices, Soft drinks, Tea and Coffee, Sports drinks and Water. This report we are concentrating on carbonated beverages. The major players in the carbonated beverage industry are The Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Co.
For many years now, the cola soft drink market is led by the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc. Besides the cola market, they have expanded their businesses to the other soft drink markets as well and achieved oligopoly positions with tremendous market shares in all of these markets.
The following report explores the marketing framework of the carbonated drinks sector. The report performs an analysis of the marketing strategies used by companies to assess market opportunities, choose, design, deliver and communicate customer value and sustain growth and value. Accordingly, the report contains a 5C Analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning of the market, Marketing Mix and Customer Acquisition, Retention and Development techniques used by companies.

5C Analysis
The major players in the carbonated…...

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