Mass Marketing: Does It Still Work?

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John Cole
23 February 2014
Professor Youssef
MKT 600
Assignment 3

Mass Marketing is not dead, but elements in today’s ever-changing society make it more of a challenge than ever before. There is no doubt that the tastes of consumers and the exposure they are inclined to on a daily basis has the distinct ability to draw customers away from products, and some advertisement can cause a distinct barrier for the consumers that use them. The possibilities of how a consumer can interpret an advertisement are endless. Most heavy contenders in the corporation game have steered clear of many elements that can corrode the brand equity of that company, but some have stepped into the limelight more recently and have battled the repercussion that has derived from these elements.

The first company to discuss is Coca Cola Inc. and their Super Bowl ad of 2014. The ability to satisfy every consumer of a product in advertising is very complex and delicate, especially with such a diverse country like the United States. The Super Bowl ad presented was the essence of Americans from cultures all over the world that have all come together to celebrate a likeness of a single brand (Coca Cola), and their ability to satisfy the tastes of every consumer. It was a very powerful message that showcased the fact that no matter who [you] are, where [you] come from, or what [you] should prefer because of [your] ethnicity, Coca Cola is going to make sure that the quality and consistency of their product would be instilled among all Americans in the most patriotic way imaginable. That was not the case for some of the viewers and caused a large backlash on social media outlets.

Again, the power of social media and influence of sites such as Facebook and Twitter can direct the positive foundation for a product and can twist it into something that was never intended. The backlash…...

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