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Matrix of Mind Reality
Enoch Tan – Creator of Mind Reality

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...The movie I feel best describes one’s yearning to find self, and free will is The Matrix. The Matrix is a science fiction action film directed and written by Larry and Andy Wachowski. The story of The Matrix is set some time in the future in which the reality perceived by most humans is in real life a simulated reality developed by machines to subdue the human race. It all began when humans were at war with AI (artificial intelligence) machines created in the 21st century and they have taken over the Earth. Humans thought by “scorching” the sky, it would block out the sun and cut off the solar power required by the machines. Now we all know as humans when your food supply runs low or out we find other means to survive. The machines found other means as well……humans. The human body produces bioelectricity which the machines adapted to and used as a power source. Enslaved humans were kept docile inside the “Matrix”, a simulated world. The main character Neo has lived in this simulated world since birth, but always knew something was wrong. When contacted by Morpheus he was given the opportunity to discover what the “Matrix” is. After swallowing the red pill, Neo awakens and finds himself in a liquid-filled holding container with tubes connected to his body. He then realizes he is in one of the millions of containers inhabited by docile humans. They were being harnessed for their bioelectricity to power the machines. When the......

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...The Matrix In the movie The Matrix, several analogies and philosophies run through the story, as well as the clever naming of certain characters, places, and objects. Plato’s Theory of Ideas and the Myth of the Cave Plato believed that there were two worlds that existed, the world of the senses and the world of ideas. The sensory world was the physical matter, which was always changing and does not last forever, perceived through our senses. The world of ideas is eternal, and consists of patterns which the sensory world was made from. Plato said that we cannot get true knowledge from the sensory world, because it was always changing, and true knowledge lay in the world of ideas, where we perceived through reason, and not our senses. He said that the human being had an eternal soul that existed in the world of ideas before it inhabited the physical body. When the soul sees the imperfect sensory world, it gives the soul a faint recollection of the idea world, and it longs to return and see that idea world again. The Myth of the Cave is another way Plato explained this. He said that a group of humans are in a cave facing the back wall of the cave, and behind them is a high wall blocking the outside of the cave. Some other human-like creatures hold up some figures, above the wall, and all these humans can see are the shadows on the wall. They have been tied up in this position for their whole life. Plato said that the darkness of the cave represents the sensory world,...

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...Truth and Reality: Are our versions mere mind-created, or real ? Can we ever distinguish actual reality from the synthetic models that mind create ? Or, can we ever know any reality other than what our minds create ? If we clinically analyse the total contents of our mind, we will find that it is a mix of many things that we consider as real, and equal number of things that we know as mere manufactured products of we,or that of the human community in general.  What we naively consider as real are objects and relations that we have seen, heard, touched,tasted or smelt. We had learned this criterion of assessing reality from our primeval days when mind was not developed to perceive anything beyond what were just in-front the sense-organs. Animals are still in worlds of reality. Now, man's this category of reality also consists the various scientific facts,that we believe, our prestigious men of science must have either directly observed through their special instruments, or inferred over strong evidences they must have collected through their various false-proof methods. For example, the moon-rocks are real because NASA has its samples displayed at their facilities, or it is Sun there at the center of solar system, and earth and other planets are revolving around it. We believe that Science has adequate proof of these real physical facts. Though these scientific facts are quite different from the reality of a horse or a mountain that we actually see, we......

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...What Really is Reality? Reality can be defined as many different things, “The state of things as they are or appear to be rather than as one might wish them to be, the quality or state of being actual or true, totality of all things possessing actuality, existence or essence”(thefreedictionary),“ A real event/entity or state of affairs, something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily” (Merriam-Webster), “The world or the state of things as they actually exist as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them”(Google) These definitons all have a common factor of the idea of something being true or real, but how can you tell if it is or is not? Everyone has a different perspective or view on life, some persepctives are clear and some are not. There are many theories on perspectives and reality, but ultimately the choice of what to believe is yours. There are many modern movies that challenge the idea of reality, one in specific is titled Inception. The basic plot of science fiction film Inception tells the story of Dom Cobb and his business partner Arthur who perform illegal corporate espionage by entering the subconscious mind of their targets by using a “dream within a dream” strategy including many “dream levels” to obtain valuable information on their subjects. This strategy of entering minds can also change a person’s reality and perspecitve by enabeling Cobb to plant an idea into the person’s mind changing the outcome of what may or may...

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...Without the aid of my glasses, objects blend into one another and details not immediately in front of me disappear from my perception altogether. This, however, does not mean that the object ceases to exist just because I can no longer see it. We learn this concept of object permanency at a young age. Similarly, if we take Morpheus’ claims to be true, and the world outside of the Matrix as reality, the entirety of Neo’s life experiences up to the point when he’s freed from the vat of liquid have been false. For years, the visual stimuli perceived by his mind seem to have fooled him, and this serves as a testament to our inability to objectively discern truth from falsehood, “the real world” from the fiction. All we have to rely on are our senses, but the existence of Matrix, or even more mundane illusions have proven that they can’t always be trusted. They are susceptible to manipulation. However, I posit that the ability to discern whether his perceptions were now real in that situation would not make any practical difference to him, because for all intents and purposes, that is the reality that he presently found himself in. He needed to make decisions according to that set of perceptions, because if it was in fact real, he would remain in control and if it wasn’t, the consequences of his actions wouldn’t matter anyway....

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...Sample essay Year 10 Philosophy What is the best way to relate to reality; control it or give up one’s desire to control it? I am going to argue that it is not necessary to give up one’s desire to control reality, but one must be realistic about how much of it one can actually control. I will focus especially on the lessons we can learn about this from the movie The Truman Show. At the outset, we need to distinguish between reality and imagination. Our brains have the remarkable ability not only to hold pictures of what has happened, but also to create pictures of what we think will happen, or could happen. This is our imagination. Without imagination, we would not be able to think sensibly about the future. Our imagination allows us to project ourselves into the future. But on the other hand, even though our imagination gives us a mental construction of the reality around us, it is not that actual reality itself. Let’s face it, there are thousands of things happening in the world around us that we do not know about and cannot imagine. Truman in The Truman Show has no idea what sort of machinations Christof is engineering to shape his life. All the people around Truman are acting. His so-called wife is an actress who is being paid to act as his wife. Truman, at first, cannot imagine this is true. He cannot imagine that Marlon is not ‘really’ his best friend, or that what Marlon says to him is actually being set up through an earpiece, with the words first being......

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...Reality 1. Compare and contrast The Matrix with the readings from Plato and Descartes. What are some similarities and differences? All three; “The Matrix”, “The Allegory of the Cave” the more eloquent “Meditation 1 of the Things of Which We May Doubt” all seem to center on the same metaphysical question of; what is real? The Matrix is much like a modern version of The Allegory of the Cave in which both the perception based reality is explored with their costs and limitations involved. It seems to me that Rene’ Descartes “Meditations on first philosophy 1641 is simply better articulated, perhaps making the same point of doubt. Whenever reading Descartes's writings “I think therefore I am” (p36 Dew & Foreman) as a rather stable foundation is always on my mind. I am not sure if this is an affinity for the strong foundation or my personal aversion to allegories but I find it quite amazing that Descartes’s century’s old writings are so relevant and understandable. Contextual similar with each other it seems the differences are mainly with presentation only. The most apparent contrast to me is that while addressing the same sort of questions that The Matrix and The allegory of the cave share the connection between the characters Neo and Plato’s prisoner while Descartes story is on a more personal level with his concern with doubt of his senses causing reservations for any and all topics of belief. I think Descartes way of dealing with skepticism is a good perspective to......

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...Similarities and Differences of The Matrix, Plato and Descartes Frederick Kinley PHIL201-C10LUO March 17, 2014 The Matrix was a film created by the Wachowski Brothers that dealt heavily with the thought of epistemology. Epistemology is a philosophy of origin, nature and limits of human knowledge. In the Matrix the limits of human knowledge was pushed with the question of reality. Is reality real? Is what we see and do true? The question was portrayed in the film by Neo a computer hacker that had a life time nagging question inside that he just could not shake. Neo met Morpheus, a leader of an organization that could help Neo answer his question. Morpheus proposed Neo a plan to follow him take the “red pill” and find the truth or take a “blue pill” and forever stay the same. Neo agrees to take the “red pill” then is launched into a world like he had never seen before. The “Matrix” was a world where humans were only living virtual reality lives. Giant computers were placing thoughts, feelings and everyday life circumstances into their minds. Through their virtual lives they could work, play and even die. Is our reality real today? Are we just victims of a larger, grander scheme? The Allegory of the Cave is a synopsis of The Republic where people live their whole lives in the opening of a cave. The prisoner’s feet and necks are chained so they cannot leave or even turn their heads. Their whole lives the only truth they......

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...PHIL 201-B41 LUO 16 February 2015 Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix The Matrix has many similarities as well as many differences with the excerpts from Plato and Descartes. Each of these has different purposes when they were written and therefore have different opinions. One common theme that appears in each of these is the grasp of whether we humans are living in a dream or actual reality. It would not be surprising if the director of The Matrix had read each of these other pieces of writing by Descartes and Plato. In The Matrix, the main character Neo is an intelligent computer hacker that has trouble sleeping at night. He ends up receiving a pill that enables him to understand that what he is living in is just a dream and that everyone is connected through tubes of some sort. This has similarities with the excerpt from Descartes. In Descartes he starts out by explaining that what he has grown up believing to be true out to be not so true. He attempts to clear his mind of all other truths that he believed and start from fresh from what he can determine to be absolutely true for himself. The way that these two are similar is that the main characters, Neo and Descartes, are both seeking truth. Though these two are similar, they are also different. In The Matrix, it is a fictional story that says that everyone is in a dream and that they are just in the matrix. Descartes on the other hand, is written based on a belief. He is trying to determine what is absolutely true.......

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...disillusioned realities in our minds as a means of survival. Plato’s writing suggested that the perception of the prisoner’s reality of the cave was deception of what reality is like and the light that personified the truth; the prisoners were blinded by fallaciousness of their own silhouettes of observations. In the Bible it states that the truth will always reveal itself in the darkness and that’s exactly what happened when one of the prisoners was released and pushed out into the world. He came back and told his friends what reality was like; he found his friends to be disenchanted by their own notions and could not make sense of it all. Descartes wrote that all that he knew from childhood was all falsehood conviction and no real honesty no substantial entity to grasp onto. He was lost until the light that indicates candor had shown him the way; Descartes found out that his own senses misled him to dishonesty so in concordance he only believes what he sees. Neo however has many misconceptions being trapped in his own mirage cave like matrix of a world; trying to make sense of what is real and what is not. In the matrix no one ever experienced pain or any other physical ailments because how can you run off of a building and not die? How can you get shot at a million times in one scene and not die? For Neo, the predominate factor was that he had accepted the false sense of the matrix’s flawed computer generated ignorance along with the false sense of reality and......

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...the current reality, the senses make people believe what they are seeing, hearing, touching or feeling are real. The nervous system is the reality generator and the brain is where people load their information from the world (Newnam). People build their knowledge upon what they have experienced. Every choice a person makes is based on the knowledge he or she has acquired from his or her experience; moreover, people have absolute freedom, as Satre sates in his article “Existentialism”. Therefore, they can decide who they are going to be. However, the people in “The Matrix” do not have free thought. Throughout the film “The Matrix”, people in the Matrix and the real world believe that they have free choice and absolute freedom to determine who they are and what makes them a success; however, they do not have freedom because they are either controlled by the AI or the circumstances of their existence. People make their own decisions in the Matrix so they tend to believe that they have freedom to determine their lives. In fact, artificial intelligence is controlling the people and feeds on them. People in the Matrix live life as a prisoner. The most pathetic true is that the prisoners do not realize they are prisoners; on the contrary, they deem themselves free. People who live in the matrix feel comfortable in the environment they grew up in. They believe what they have seen and experienced is real, but they cannot see that they are chained. For example, in “The Matrix” when......

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...Jeanette Sampson Professor Scheck Phil 201 February 18th, 2016 Essay There are many similarities to be found between the Matrix movie and the writings of Pluto. Both deal with the way in which we all see the reality in which we live. Is it real? Is it false? How do we know that our minds and our eyes are not deceiving us? These stories give us a glimpse of something that may be true, something that we may have not even realized. They bring to life the possibility that we may be living a false reality. In the synopsis for the Matrix, a man named Neo begins to feel as though something is wrong with his life. When he meets Morpheus and accepts the red pill that he is given, he begins to see that the world he knows is nothing but an illusion. A cleverly put together scenario in which the human race lies unconscious in giant machines meant to keep them alive while the cables connected to their brains play out a simulated false reality. Pluto’s Allegory of The Cave conveys a similar message. His scenario describes men who have spent their whole lives chained at the neck and legs inside of a cave, only able to look forward, never being able to turn their heads in any other direction. Men chained to a false reality would be the common theme between these two stories. The cables connected to the giant machines in the Matrix are the modern day neck and leg chains of Plato’s The Cave. The characters in each story are taught to only see their world from one view. Of course......

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