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Developmental Psych 360
Maturation & Experience When thinking about maturation, it is important to remember it is not just a stagnant entity bestowed upon us through our genetic code, although it may have a slight effect. Maturation is a constant in our lives that varies based on a physical, emotional, and psychological basis for every person. Because of this, the experiences that we go through in life have an effect on how we mature. Therefore, our experiences drive our maturation, as well as visa versa. Keep in mind that maturation is both physical and cognitive. In this essay I will argue that there are many experiences that shape our maturation as well as how different paths of maturity can have an effect on our everyday lives and in different contexts.
The role of genetics, although not the central focus of this essay, still has a relevant place in the maturation and experience argument. Every single person has a genetic makeup that influences the kinds of experiences that they seek and have throughout their lifetime (Scarr & McCartney, 1983). This means that there are some genes that shape our development and are central in determining what our individual experiences are. A simple example of this can be seen through observing infants. A baby that is constantly crying is more likely to be held by their parents more in order to keep the baby calm and stable. Conversely, a quiet baby will be held less because it appears that they are content with their current state. This shows that certain levels of maturity evoke experiences that are specific to that person’s wants and needs.
Another example of how maturation can drive experience is by observing the differences of body changes between pubescent girls and boys. Girls, for the most part, tend to become much more concerned about their appearance and how people will respond to them…...

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