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I agree with this article, I believe that the disgusting habit of smoking should definitely be banned in public, for the sake of everyone’s health. I am not one to be a snob about being around smoke; I work in a restaurant where there is a smoking section. I willingly allow myself to be around smoke and I don’t mind it. But it kills me to see young children, drug into the smoking section, by selfish and inconsiderate parents that they have to sit right within all of the smoke while their parents blow the smoke up, above the little one heads thinking that will make the difference by blowing the smoke up and away. In addition to all of the other pollutants that are put into the air we breathe on a daily basis cigarette smoke has its own share to add making secondhand smoke even more dangerous, according to "" (2014), " Secondhand smoke contains a complex mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals, over 60 of which are known to cause cancer” (para. 3).
Restaurants have separate smoking sections designated but not much can be done to prevent the harm of second hand smoke, as I read from the article on “” (2014) “such systems cannot significantly diminish, or adequately control, the health risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure. This is often the case in restaurants and bars with designated smoking and non-smoking sections, in addition to buildings where smoking is restricted to specific rooms, or private homes” (para. 3).
In my opinion, a logical fallacy from this article is that banning public smoking will keep non-smokers safe. With all of the air pollution and smog going through the air I find it hard to believe that taking cigarette smoke out of that equation will make much of a difference let alone save anyone’s life. Although I do believe that smoking in public should be banned, I do not believe that banning smoking…...

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