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“Okay, Bob, five minutes to air.”

Bob Grammond sat at the round mahogany table in the television studio where his weekly show, Workplace, was about to begin. Today’s panel discussion would focus on the challenges faced by the disabled in finding employment. He cast a final glance over his biographical notes on today’s guests:

Guest Biographies

Brian Vaughan * Graduated from community college four years ago with a diploma in computer programming * Legally blind since childhood * Age 33 * Has recently found his first job with Superior Oil Limited

Diana Collins * Executive director for the association Equity For All, a Toronto-based lobby group promoting equity in employment for the disabled * Has been paralyzed for more than ten years as a result of a car accident * Started association after becoming angry and frustrated over obstacles encountered in attempting to rejoin mainstream workforce

Rose Brown * Manager of the employment equity program for a major Canadian chartered bank * Responsible for all employment equity initiatives for 15,000 bank employees * Started with bank as a teller twenty years ago

Reg Pritchard * Manager of human resources for Bayliss and Gamble, a medium-sized engineering firm located in Markham, Ontario * Provides support to line management in all functional areas of human resources * Graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in human resources management and has advanced his career in the company’s human resources department over a five-year period

“You’re on,” came the final production call, and the show began.

Bob introduced the topic for discussion and welcomed his four guests. His first comment was to Brian.

Bob: Brian, I understand that after graduation you looked for work for five years before finding…...

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