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Midterm Essay Exam
Kristian Earl D. Velasco
HLTH 522, Professor Claudia Dempsey
Liberty University

In this essay, the discussion is centered on the structural dimensions—ethical influences, parameters in decision-making, and internal provocations—relating the issues of whether deception among clinicians can be regarded as plausibly sound. These matters are the motivation that plays a role in how the actuality of care is being communicated. Since the provider-patient relationship is mainly constructed by way of trust and confidence, the concept relating deceptions during the course of care takes a crucial part. In view of the fact that internal influences affect the predisposition towards the issues of deception, whether it is justifiable or necessary for the wellbeing of the patient, this concern will be viewed more clearly through the lens of biblical proportions and overall understanding of the value of human life. Truth telling in healthcare setting is a subject of intense debate. The physicians, nurses, and the rest of decision makers involve within the healthcare profession have an extensive familiarity, high level of proficiency and masterful capability in dealing with medical situations. However, ethically related conflicts many times arise regarding the deception or withholding medical information to avoid the complexities that may affect patient care strategies. These matters, unavoidably, are often times the likely reason that may limit the capacity of how the most appropriate course of medical procedures—imperative set of treatment actions that are vital to patients’ health—can be provided. The analysis of the limits of control ascends more coherently when the providers deal with scenarios where deceiving can be justifiable or not (Crow, Lou, & Steed, 2000). Stirrat (2013) argued that deception could be justified when the overall…...

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