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This is an assessment of the leadership styles and skills of the manager of scotia bank Morant Bay. In this assessment my aim is:
To assess critically the effectiveness of the leadership style and skills demonstrated by the manager of the scotia bank Morant Bay branch.
In order to achieve this aim I’ve set up a group of objectives which are:
 To determine the leadership style utilized by the manager.
 To determine the leadership skills possessed by the manager.
 To analyse the effectiveness of the managers leadership style and skills.

Literature review

McHugh (2002) in his book, Understanding business, listed three types of leadership styles namely autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. An autocratic leader is defined by McHugh as one who makes decisions without consulting others. A participative/democratic leader is one who consults with his subordinates and discuss with them before making decision. A laissez-faire leader will give free reign to his workers. A laissez-faire is sometimes deemed lazy and inactive in a business but this is not so, they set a standard which employees are expected to adhere, McHugh explains this by saying
“Managers setting objectives and employees being relatively free to do whatever it take to accomplish those objectives”
In a similar study conducted by Griffin (2002) he discovers a new leadership style which he described as transformational and defined as
“Leadership which goes beyond ordinary expectations by transmitting a sense of mission, stimulating learning experiences an inspiring new ways of thinking”

In both studies the authors have highlighted the features of the different leadership styles and how it defines the type of leader you are. In the study I’ll be conducting I’ll be assessing which of the features the…...

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