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1. The ethical problem to me is what SGT Day said"as far as i'm concerned SFC Sharp destroyed them two weeks ago." compromising SGT Day's integrety cause he is ignoring the fact that classified information was not properly secured.
2. AR 380-5 section V covers how to secure and also destroy classified information.
3. Duty: it is my duty to do the right thing. Honor: compromising anyone of the Army Values effect any soldiers honor. Integrity: following the Army Values regardless of the situation, and Personal Courage: haveing the courage to bring up a mistake that others try to cover up to protect a "well liked NCO" and possibly face reprisal from my peers.
4. I will remind SGT Day about the Army Values and inform him he has a duty to fulfill. The problem with letting SGT Day go unchecked with his comment, he will keep sweeping problems under the the table and his soldiers will see this and start doing the same,"LEAD BY EXAMPLE"
5. The course of action i will take is this. i will talk to SFC Sharp about the papers i found, i will give SFC Sharp the opportunity to work out the problem with the chain of command. If he is not willing to do the right thing i will talk to the 1SG myself. I will also get the entire section together and have SGT Day give a class on the Army Values as well as how to properly destroy classified information, and other topics out of the SOP.
6. I will monitor progress through out the section, make an assessment and make changes as needed and follow up on my…...

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