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Monitor Student’s Presence in Classroom _________________________________________________________________________________________

Abstract— This project is developed for two purposes: first is avoid the manual roll number call by lecturers which is time consuming task and also to avoid proxy, second is parents monitor their children. This project aims at providing software to automatically record the students’ attendance during lecture in a classroom using facial recognition technology instead of the traditional manual roll call methods. Facial recognition method is very important and is used in various applications for identification and detection.

Keywords —Face Recognition, Attendance System, Camera, Image Processing technology, OpenCV Library Software



This project deals with the development and implementation of a smart and real time attendance application that monitor and traces the exact position of a student. Parents whose numbers are registered in the school/college database can use this application in their mobile phones. It provides some authentication and thus enhances security of student by using CAMERA which is used in the classroom. Using this application, parents can be carefree about the safety of their children despite being busy in their hectic job schedule. It helps you to get the actual position of your children on your smart mobile phone or even your computer. It is enabled with 3D earth map that provides you most accurate position of your child at a regular interval of time. The software provides you real time positioning system with finest accuracy. The student recognition application is for Classroom Attendance system. The attendance is automatically updated onto a personal computer of…...

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