Moral Capitalism in the Nfl Lockout

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Moral Capitalism in the NFL lockout When it comes to fights over money, neither pro-football players nor owners are easy to root for. The owners are rich enough to begin with, and the players, though they take part in a violent game that risks their long-term health, are compensated handsomely. To further complicate the legal struggles of billionaires vs. millionaires; both players and owners are competing for human capital by trying to capture the loyalty of the fans. They do this fully aware that the $9 billion dollars they are wrangling over comes from the fans. The same Fans who attend games, buy jerseys, and sit-through television ads. Do this with the expectation that everyone plays by the same rules, and that the game they love, will be back next year.
“For many years, the collectively bargained system—which has given the players union enhanced free agency and capped the amount that owners spend on salaries—has worked enormously well for the NFL, for NFL players, and for NFL fans.”
Goodell’s first argument is clear, that the status quo has worked out “enormously well” for every party involved. Unfortunately this argument is problematic, given that it was actually the NFL whom decided to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In 2008 the Owners voted unanimously to exit the CBA after the 2010 season, even though the 2006 extension would have been valid through the 2012 season. The Owners shortened the deal by two years because they believed the players were receiving too much of the NFL’s adjusted gross revenues. From the beginning of his Op-ed article, Goodell’s begins to imply that it was the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) that walked out of the existing agreement when in actuality, the NFLPA offered to continue to operate under the CBA until a new agreement could be negotiated; the Owners refused and instituted a lockout, everything…...

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