My Literacy Background Reflection Paper

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My Literacy Background Reflection Paper
When I think of revising a paper I usually think of making minor changes to grammar, spelling, and other more rudimentary changes. This time though I am challenged to not only make those type of familiar changes but now I need to make a more in depth analysis into the thesis and content, development, and expression of my literacy background paper. For me this is a real challenge because of my past struggles with literacy. For my literacy background paper the most important changes that needed to be made was to content and development. My instructor requested that I make some grammatical changes, shorten and summarize long quotes, and expand on main points and provide more examples.
First, in reference to grammar and other rules of writing I did not make many errors. The first two pages were pretty clean. On page three I used the word “to” instead of “on”, as the instructor suggested, when referring to an effect on me from others. I find that I tend to make this mistake a lot. I need to focus more on areas I tend to need the most work on so I do not continue to make the same mistakes. If I don’t my readers will only continue to get the wrong message from my writing. Also, my usage of quoting words used in speech was left out. I should have correctly quoted the words Bruddah and brother, like “Bruddah” and “brother”. It is apparent that I need to work harder to make sure I improve in these areas, as well as others,
Smith 2 because I still have a long way to go in college and I need a solid foundation to build upon. I need to make sure grammar is used properly so my message to the readers of my work comes across clear and concise. The remainder of the paper was pretty clean in regards to grammar and other rules of writing.
Next, in regards to using quotes. My quote…...

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