My Many Identi "T" I Es

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My Many Identi”T”i es
I decided to share my identities with you, creatively, by using song titles. Without further ado, here’s “T”…(Theresa Ann Mirci-Smith):
National Identity: “Born in the U.S.A.”—The Boss (Bruce Springstein)
I am an American and I know the history of my country. I am grateful for my freedoms. I am not always proud of the leaders of the nation or the actions they take.
Regional Identity: “Wish They All Could Be California Girls!”—The Beach Boys
While I have some roots in the Midwest and Nevada, I’m a California girl. I love going to the beach and have fond memories of vacationing there growing up. I like the informality of California, yet as my little hometown grows larger and more congested, I yearn for a quieter, slower-paced place to call home.
Gender Identity: “I Am Woman”—Helen Reddy
I was socialized to be a girl, having received dolls and domestic toys while growing up. I always loved to fish, catch frogs, and climb trees, however (much to my grandmother’ s dismay). I enjoy being a girl, but I’m not a real girly girl. I discovered the joy of pedicures at age 47. Now, I enjoy them every few of months. I am assertive, yet compassionate and nurturing (depending on the requirements of each specific situation), transcending the restrictions of social gender roles as often as possible.
Organizational Identity: “Honey, I’m Home”—Shania Twain and "Let It Be"--Paul McCartney
I was a college professor of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts at VVC for 21.5 years. I wanted to major in Drama, Psychology, or History and ended up in a field that enabled me to use all three. There were many times in my marriage where I was the primary or sole wage-earner, so I am ever thankful to my father for telling me that an education would always give me…...

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