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Required Lab Summary Report for NETW320, Codec Selection for Campus Network (This section is worth 25% of your grade for this lab.)
Write a two-page summary report and use the graphs that you generated during this lab and the tables that I gave you in the introduction to the lab to support your analysis. You are also encouraged to seek additional reference material, such as your textbook and the Internet, to support your arguments. Your two-page summary report must answer the following:
Which of the codecs used in this lab would you recommend that the Campus Network Administrator implements? To answer this question, you need to consider MOS, bandwidth consumption, overall delay, and variation delay. Use the following questions to help you decide and support your answer.
1. How did particular codec implementations affect DB Query response time and e-mail-download response time? Were any of these delays significant enough to cause database users and e-mail users to become dissatisfied?
2. Compare the amount of voice packets generated by the various codecs. What effect does generating more voice packets for a particular codec have on voice quality? Why?
3. Use the overall delay that you calculated for the three codecs used in this lab to rate their delay times with the ITU-T benchmark outlined in the introduction to this lab.
4. Comment on the effect of your measured packet-delay variation for the various codecs analyzed in this lab. See the comments on packet-delay variation (jitter) outlined in the introduction to this lab.…...

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