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Security Risk Analysis of time in expansion of network
IT projects can be many times a daunting task to both the contracted IT Company and the clients. With some short deadlines, there is usually a small window of opportunity to present skills and produce positive results. As a network administrator, the pressure to deliver top notch and a robust system is a priority. U.S. industry Inc is just a young company that has both the quality and skills and knowledge to produce excellent work considering previous contracts that have been undertaken by the company. The US government department aims to expand its network infrastructure to enlarge the capacity and enable it provide quality services.

The cost estimation of the contract is approximately three $3 million dollars lasting for a period of six months. A network administrator’s roles include:

Ø setting up of the network

Ø Designing and planning of the network

Ø Expanding the network

Ø Network maintenance

Designing and planning of the network

a network administrator is tasked with identify the US government departments requirement that necessitates the kind of system to set up. The US department may require certain special specification of their particular network depending on its purpose and objectives. It marks the first phase of the contract.

Setting up a network

The second phase is where the physical is setting up, and configuration of the network begins. Hardware installation and files, data, routers and host configuration is done at this level. A systematic method is utilized designed by the administrator of how the network will work.

Maintain the network

it is usually the third phase that involves adding new machines to host the network, network security administration, network service administration and troubleshooting networking problems.

Expanding the network…...

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