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It’s never easy being the new kid, leaving the safety of your parents’ warm car and stepping onto the grounds of that intimidating new school. No one knows you and yet everyone seems to be staring. You feel so alone.

But being the new kid at school doesn’t have to be quite so scary. Here are a few simple steps suggested by new students who attended Burke the this year.

First Visit your new school or get a tour so you can find out where your classes are, test out your locker and learn your way to the library, gym and restrooms. Once you become familiar with your new school you won’t be disoriented and distracted by the sea of new faces when that first day comes around. Instead, it will feel somewhat familiar: you’ll know where you are and where you’re going and hopefully that will keep most of the butterflies out of your stomach.

Next, take some time to note the people around you. what group grabbed your attention and looked like fun?

Who do you want to hang out with? The athletes, the drama kids, the academic crowd? Whether you’re interested in chess, dominos or student government, there is most likely a group for you.

Changing schools can be intimidating, but it is also a great chance to start over, whether you thought you needed to or not. You can reinvent yourself.

Be who you want to be, be who you really are.

Once you’ve decided on the group you want to hang out with, get involved in their activities or studies, or even sit next to them in class. Even if the group seems to be established, still try to get involved. The more time you spend around the people you want to hang out with, the more likely you’ll become friends.

Former new student, Ian Boldwin, said, “The hardest part about being new was that everyone had already grouped up. I felt like I didn’t fit anywhere. There was no room left for me in any of the groups.” But there is…...

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