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Decision Making can be regarded as, the cognitive process resulting in the selection a course of action among several alternatives. Logical decision making is a very important part of all profession especially management, where as a team’s knowledge is applied to certain problems and help in making informed decisions. Management performance in decision making has been the subject of active research from many perspectives. I’ll be focusing on the following models; defining the problem verses decision making, cognitive and personal biases, and optimizing and satisfying choices. It is very essential to differentiate between the problem and the decision making. Bateman & Snell mentioned that, the first stage of decision making process is to recognize that a problem exists and it must be solved (2004). There six decision making steps. They are as follows; identifying and diagnosing the problem, generating alternatives solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision and evaluation the decision. There are also, incorporated by Bateman &Snell (2004).
With that being said, it is important to distinguish between what has and hasn’t been affected by the problem. Problems are usually caused by some change from a distinctive feature. On the other hand, alternatives must be evaluated against all objectives to make a better decision.
Kepner Trego mentioned that, decisive actions are taken and additional decisions help to prevent adverse consequences from becoming more problematic (1965). Biases can creep into any decision making process; namely, cognitive and personal. Some of the most noted cognitive biases are inertia and underestimating uncertainty and the illusion of control. According to Hoch, inertia is the unwillingness to change thought patterns that have been used in the face of new…...

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