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The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling Henry Fielding
The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction, Vols. I & II.
Selected by Charles William Eliot

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General Introduction to the Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction, by Charles W. Eliot, LL.D. The Novel in England Biographical Note Criticisms and Interpretations I. By William Makepeace Thackeray II. By Leslie Stephen III. By Austin Dobson IV. By Gordon Hall Gerould List of Characters Dedication Book I—Containing as Much of the Birth of the Foundling as Is Necessary or Proper to Acquaint the Reader with in the Beginning of This History I. Introduction to the Work, or Bill of Fare to the Feast II. A Short Description of Squire Allworthy III. An Odd Accident Which Befel Mr. Allworthy at His Return Home IV. The Reader’s Neck Brought Into Danger by a Description V. Containing a Few Common Matters, with a Very Uncommon Observation Upon Them VI. Mrs. Deborah is Introduced Into the Parish VII. Containing Such Grave Matter, That the Reader Cannot Laugh Once Through the Whole Chapter VIII. A Dialogue Between Mesdames Bridget and Deborah

IX. Containing Matters Which Will Surprize the Reader X. The Hospitality of Allworthy XI. Containing Many Rules, and Some Examples, Concerning Falling in Love XII. What the Reader May, Perhaps, Expect to Find in It XIII. Which Concludes the First Book Book II—Containing Scenes of Matrimonial Felicity in Different Degrees of Life I. Showing What Kind of a History This Is II. Religious Cautions Against Showing Too Much Favour to Bastards III. The Description of a Domestic Government IV. Containing One of the Most Bloody Battles, or Rather Duels, That Were Ever Recorded in Domestic History V. Containing Much Matter to Exercise the Judgment and Reflection of the Reader VI. The Trial of Partridge, the Schoolmaster VII. A Short Sketch of That…...

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...They'd talked of plays and music and pictures together. She'd teased him, made fun of him, ragged him. And he, Macarthur, had been delighted at the thought that Leslie took quite a motherly interest in the boy. Motherly indeed! Damn fool not to remember that Richmond was twenty-eight to Leslie's twenty-nine. He'd loved Leslie. He could see her now. Her heart-shaped face, and her dancing deep grey eyes, and the brown curling mass of her hair. He'd loved Leslie and he'd believed in her absolutely. Out there in France, in the middle of all the hell of it, he'd sat thinking of her, taken her picture out of the breast pocket of his tunic. And then-he'd found out! AND THEN THERE WERE NONE It had come about exactly in the way things happened in books, The letter in the wrong envelope. She'd been writing to them both and she'd put her letter to Richmond in the envelope addressed to her husband. Even now, all these years after, he could feel the shock of it-the pain. . . . God, it had hurt! And the business had been going on some time. The letter made that clear. Week-ends! Richmond's last leave. . . . Leslie-Leslie and Arthur! God damn the fellow! Damn his smiling face, his brisk "Yes, sir." Liar and hypocrite! Stealer of another man's wife! It had gathered slowly-that cold murderous rage. He'd managed to carry on as usual-to show nothing. He'd tried to make his manner to Richmond just the same. Had he succeeded? He thought so. Richmond hadn't suspected. Inequalities of temper......

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Book Review of Toni Morrison’s Novel, Home Written by Leah Hager Cohen for the New York Times.

...“Whose house is this?” The first four words of Toni Morrison’s new book greet — or assail — us before the story even begins. They’re from the epigraph, which quotes a song cycle written by the author some 20 years ago and therefore, it seems safe to say, not originally intended for this book, but an indication, perhaps, of how long its themes have been haunting her. And “haunting” is a fitting word for the lyric itself, in which a speaker professes to lack both recognition of and accountability for the strange, shadowy, dissembling domicile in which he finds himself. The atmosphere of alienation makes the song’s final line even more uncanny: “Say, tell me, why does its lock fit my key?” Thus the stage is set for “Home”: on the basis of its publisher’s description a novel, on the basis of its length a novella, and on the basis of its stripped-down, symbol-laden plot something of an allegory. It tells the story of Frank Money, a 24-year-old Korean War veteran, as he embarks on a reluctant journey home. But where — and what — is home? Frank is already back from the fighting when we meet him, a year after being discharged from an integrated Army into a segregated homeland. Since then, he has wandered the streets of Seattle, “not totally homeless, but close.” He has gambled his Army pay and lost it, worked odd jobs and lost them, lived with a girlfriend and lost her, and all the while struggled, none too successfully, against the prospect of losing his mind. The action begins......

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Ceremony Novel Essay Book by Leslie Silko” (70). I feel as if Tayo holds some responsibility for his mother; had Laura never given birth to Tayo, the stories and gossip from our people would have dwindled shortly after she died. But instead, our family’s shame continues amongst the village because Tayo is a half-breed and a living reminder of Laura. I resented Tayo even more than I resented Laura because he survived the war while he deserved to die before Rocky. Rocky had his whole life ahead of him while Tayo is making nothing of his. I despise the majestic stories our people believe and was thrilled when Rocky began to share my disbelief. Rocky read sports magazines and believed in science while Tayo read books written about the land and believed stories he was told. “[I] valued Rocky’s growing understanding of the outside world, of the books, of everything of importance and power” (76). Rocky was beginning to become part of something greater which I have always secretly desired. He was “someone ho could not only make sense of the outside world but become part of it” (76). After Rocky died in the war, I was empty and lost all hope in living a sacrificial life and saving my family’s name. It was not until we heard of Tayo’s sickness that I had the opportunity to potentially redeem myself. I had already raised Tayo and I did not want to care for him during his sickness, however, “this time [I] would keep him because he was all [I] had left” (29). “[I] needed a new struggle, another opportunity to show......

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... Shaquila Rodriguez (972)598-3228 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Education: Everest College: May, 2012 ------------------------------------------------- Certificate/ Medical Assistant ------------------------------------------------- Skills Charting/ Appointment books Call Rep/Volunteer Microsoft Word(Word, Office , Excel, PowerPoint ,Outlook ,Data Entry ) Sales and Marketing Finance and Cash Handling ------------------------------------------------- Keyboarding skilled(40 wpm) ------------------------------------------------- Experience Health Management Systems: Irving, TX September, 2015 to November, 2015 Casualty Case Worker * Verifying cases * using telephone etiquette * Providing excellent customer service * Evaluating cases for recipients * Filing, Faxing, Mailing Data Entry May, 2013 to June, 2015 Omni Hotel: Dallas, TX Ideal Service Representative * Answering phone calls inbound and outbound * Filing * Problem Solving * Process Reservations * Complete request from Guest &Co-Workers Express Retail January, 2013 to April, 2013 Farmers Branch, TX Sales Supervisor * Sales to customers * Meeting sales goals everyday hourly * Providing great customer service * Attending to fittings for customers choice of clothing *......

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...leave our projections at a five-year basis (this is already a long cycle for this industry) based on the fact that there are to many uncertainties between the 5th and the 10th such as the introduction of an new machine to cut costs dramatically or that the deprecation of the investment would not be in line with the current data. Calculation of the Debt Tax Shield The debt tax shield was computed by using the corporate tax rate of 48% (see table in part 1). As shown in the table below we calculated the interest tax savings by multiplying the corporate tax rate of 48% times the interest payments. We have two salvage values here • Salvage Value of the Plant: Calculated by adding up the salvage of the M$10.6 (book value of the acquisition) + the salvage value of the additional investments done every year (see attachment) • Salvage value of the debt tax shield: The bond takes 15 years in total to repay. The remaining years are accumulated in 1984 and discounted from there using kD. The debt tax shield for the full 15 years is in the attachment. Here are the forecast period years as well as the present value of the full period....

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