Ocean Resources Paper

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Ocean Resources Paper (Option 2)
Chelsea Ellis
March 1, 2014
Tami McConnell

Ocean Resources Paper (Option 2)
Our oceans are at a greater risk than ever for acidification, dying coral reefs, over fishing, mercury pollution, litter, and trash you can actual see floating from space, and so much more. The oceans are our biggest resource for living, for life on Earth… they supply us with our air in every breath we take. Oceans gives us 50% to 70% of our air!! They need our help if we want to continue the joys of salt life and watching our fellow salt-water friends swim about happily. * Describe the problem and how it came about
I would like to discuss acidification and the harms of it. I didn’t know that much about this problem before going into all the research, I knew our oceans we in dire need of help, but I had no idea how bad the acidification has gotten. Ocean acidification is when carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by seawater and those chemical reactions that occur reduce the seawater pH, carbonate ion concentration, and saturation states of biologically important calcium carbonate minerals (NOAA, 2014). Our carbon footprint is killing not only the oceans animals, but we are killing ourselves here. Acidification is especially harmful to the little plankton, oysters, and shellfish. It’s harmful to the coral and the star fish that attach themselves to the coral, the fish that swim in the reefs, sea otters, and even the whales until eventually it finds its way right back to us on our dinner tables. Oceans supply a lot of protein to those who depend on it to supply meals for them and their families. The scary thing is that we are the ones that made this happen; we have made fossil fuels predominate! Every single day over 22 million tons of carbon dioxide is released from our automobiles, the factories, and power plants we work in. *…...

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