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Company Analysis of Old Chang Kee
Need help? ☎ 0115 966 7955 Old Chang kee which is based in Singapore engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of food products in Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China. It is famous for its Curry Puff and later diverse into as many as 30 products which could be found in its network of outlets distributed around Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China. Company History The Beginning of Old Chang Kee dated back to 1956 which kick off in a small stall inside a coffee shop located outside the former Rex Cinema along McKenzie Road. Crowd of people were attracted to the delicious pastry stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken, and a slice of egg and fried with several herbs and spices, which is called Curry Puff. Every individual Curry Puffs were meticulously handmade to ensure the aroma was locked within the Curry puff. In 1986, Han Keen Juan take over the small snack shop upon facing winding up and carry the vision to turn the snack shop into a successful enterprise. SWOT Analysis Strength Strategic location The company owns more than 80 outlets around Singapore, Malaysia and Republic of China, of which 70 outlets are based in Singapore. The company market its range of food products from kiosks along the road to supermarket outlets and shopping malls at every corner of Singapore, thus allowing consumers to gain easy access to its outlets. Price and Variety of Food products All products of Old Chang Kee were priced between $1 to $2. The affordable price range would even allow children as young as seven to be able to afford to purchase food products from the retail outlet. Keeping the price affordable would also welcome consumers who were still not full after their meal to purchase any food products from the…...

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...Management Report for Table of Contents 1. Introduction3 2. SWOT Analysis3 3. Functions of Management 4 3.1 Porter's Five Forces5 3.2 Process of Planning6 3.3 Fundamentals of Organizing 7 3.4 Leading and Managing8 3.5 Controlling8 4. Conclusion9 5. Recommendation10 6. References12 1. Introduction Old Chang Kee (OCK) was founded by Mr Chang in 1956 in a small coffee shop known for its chicken curry puff. In 1986, Mr. Han Keen Juan, bought over the control of Old Chang Kee business and transform into a household brand today. For over 56 years, OCK specialise in the production and sales of a variety of affordable and quality finger food directly to consumers in Singapore. Most of their sales are on a takeaway basis and their 76 outlets in Singapore today are located at different areas to cater wider group of customers. OCK sub brands include Curry Times, Pie Kia and Mushroom which offers dine in concept restaurants carrying a range of local delicacy such as nasi lemak and laksa. Catering services are also provided in selected areas in Singapore. 2. SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis is a useful comparison for understanding Strengths, Weaknesses and identifying the Opportunities and Threats that OCK faces today. Understanding the weaknesses of the business can "manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch us unawares" ("SWOT Analysis," 2013, para. 3). Internal | Strengths * Recognise local enterprise * Long established...

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