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This paper will discuss the possible online expansion of ClearPath Testing, Inc. and whether online expansion will be feasible for its’ current business model.
ClearPath Testing, Inc. (ClearPath) will assist employers in maintaining a drug-free workplace. Employers are constantly concerned about the productivity of their employees. Employers are starting to realize that substance abuse in the workplace affects the bottom line of the organization. ClearPath will provide employers with drug testing services either at the ClearPath site or at the employer’s location with their mobility services by use of the online scheduler accessible on the website. Additionally, ClearPath will provide drug testing supplies that employers can purchase online in order to test their employees. Along with the purchase of any drug testing product, ClearPath will provide the appropriate personnel with online training that certifies an individual in the appropriate collection of a drug test sample.
ClearPath will also offer online assistance with the complete development of an Employer’s Drug-Free Workplace Program. The development of a Drug-Free Workplace Program will allow employers to take advantage of many discounts offered by health insurance and workers compensation carriers.
Statistics show that “Nearly 75 percent of all adult illicit drug users are employed – substance abusing employees are more likely to change jobs frequently, be late or absent from work, be less productive employees, be involved in workplace accident, or file a worker’s compensation claim” (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2008).
Employers have ever-increasing time restraints. A website will allow for ClearPath to reach potential customers by allowing them to schedule appointments, retrieve drug testing results,…...

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