Organizational Ethics and the Individual

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Organizational Ethics and the Individual
Whitney O. Worthy
Professor Dr. Farshid Moghimi
Leadership and Organizational Behavior – BUS 520
July 17, 2011

Within the business environment, the levels of management directly affect how organizations are run and whether they will be successful or fail. The level of education and skill will vary according to the levels of management. The top levels of management usually include CEO's, Presidents, etc., and they usually hold advanced degrees or years of work experience. A bachelor's degree typically accompanies a Middle managers position, or they have advanced through their company to their current position. A particular skill usually allows a Front line manager to be focused on a few, if not one, particular task(s). Ethical standards should be included in all business dealings. Recent events have mandated ethical behavior in our workplace, and it has become unfortunate that the government has been asked to intervene and make ethics a top priority for all publicly held businesses. Ethics and good business practices should be upheld within all companies, along all lines of the company's dealings and its employees. This has led to an increase in corporate responsibility to society. Virtually every society makes some determination of morally correct behavior. In Islamic countries, a determination of what is right or moral is tied to religious strictures. Experience often has led societies to develop beliefs about what is of value for the common good. Most of an individual's ethical development occurs before entering an organization. The influence of family, church, community, and school will determine individual values. A company should be held accountable for any action that affects their stakeholders and employees, which can include ethics, legal issues, economic costs and management judgment. Being socially…...

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