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Realities For Children was incorporated in 1995 and has been funding the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County since 1996. Currently, RFC supports the services of 19 local youth agencies and represents over 150 business Member invested in making it there business to make a difference. After years of frustration in seeing children slipping through the ‘cracks’ of the system he dedicate his efforts to create a safety net of service and funding for abused children so that no child would be forgotten.
The agencies that would utilize and implement these resources were in direct competition with one another for the very finite resources they had to provide their services. This competitive design created a lack of collaboration and inefficient provision of services. To address these issues and create a resource that could unite both agencies and community, Realities for Children would have to create a program that would be non-competitive to the agencies it provided for. Additionally, 100% of all funds raised by Realities for Children would need to be available directly to the agencies and the children they serve.
It was this extra effort and interest in creating a collaborative alliance of youth agencies, programs, and services that lead to the innovative design of Realities for Children that has redefined the concept of fiscal efficiency and gained National attention. In essence, Realities for Children is a hybrid of two entities working together to provide the most efficient and direct service possible to better the needs of abused and at-risk children. The first entity is Realities for Children; this is a marketing organization comprised of local businesses. The second entity is Realities for Children Charities, a 501c3 charitable organization where all tax-deductible donations and fundraising returns are directed. Realities for…...

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