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In the short story “Job History” written by Annie Proulx, we follow Leeland Lee from the time of his birth, until he is about fifty years old. In the short story we follow Leeland through his harsh life, with ups and downs, in the form of thoughts, feelings, incidents, etc.

Leeland is born in a ranch in Wyoming, and lives there with his wife Lori. Leeland does not look particularly good, in fact he is a very unattractive man; (page 91, line 12)“Leeland’s face shows heavy bones from his mother’s side. His neck is thick and his red-gold hair plastered down in bangs. Even as a child his eyes are as pouchy as those of a middle-age alcoholic, the brows rod-straight above wandering out-of-line eyes. His nose lies broad and close to his face, his mouth seems to have been cut with a single chisel blow into easy flesh”

I liked that it was short and to the point but at the same time I wish that some of the details would have gone a little bit deeper than just brushing the surface.Leeland's story was less of a recollection and more of a list of facts. In those few pages, we are told where he came from and what he has become. We are shown the type of person that he is and how dedicated he is to striving for financial security to provide for his family through whatever that might entail. The way that he moved around from job to job was extremely admirable because he was so selfless in doing so. He did what he had to do in order to support the…...

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