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In response to the article on “Outsourcing Jobs: The Myths and Realities” by Martin N. Baily and Dian Farrell, it surprised me to learn there could be positive effects to the American economy as a direct result of outsourcing jobs overseas.
Typically, I have read mostly about the unsatisfactory results that are given attention in the daily headlines. Jobs sent overseas means less jobs here at home; where does this leave the common American worker in the wake of this economic shift? After reading this article, I’m having a difficult time accepting there can be a positive effect to this transition. Since the emergence of outsourcing or offshoring, in the 1990’s, corporations have been implementing the allocation of resources in increasing numbers.
In the beginning of this article, it details how much U.S. companies are saving by shipping white-collar jobs overseas. “For every dollar of corporate spending that moves offshore, American businesses save 58 cents. Companies can reinvest the savings in new business opportunities, pay additional dividends to shareholders, or both. Moreover, because wages are lower in the relevant foreign labor markets, companies can hire more (as well as better-qualified) workers to do the same job, and spend more on supervision and training (Baily and Farell, 2010).”

This, in theory, sounds like a win-win situation, for both the U.S. and foreign economy where the jobs are being created in. U.S. Companies cut costs, and countries, like India, employ workers willing and able to work as call-center agent, medical technicians and software programmers. Examining this on the micro level though yields different results as more and more Americans are finding themselves out of work. It is estimated that nearly 40 million jobs are in danger of being offshored and most of those are in the engineering and science fields. The fact…...

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