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Reflecting on my experience in the MGT 501 class over the last 3 months, l would say it was an eye opener in the sense that the course opened me up to a whole world of information that was entirely new to me. After completing group and individual work for 12 weeks, I would say that l have learned quite a lot from my group in the discussion classes and this has had a positive effect on the way me and the way l interact in the workplace. This essay will focus on what l took away from the course and on how the experiences in this class will shape my future interaction especially in the workplace.
For me, the purpose of the MGT 501 course is to present a systemic knowledge about people and workings within organizations that can be used to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness in the work place. MGT 501 introduced organizational behavior from several perspectives in the sense of explaining the meaning and the reason why organizational behavior is useful. It showed me how to develop skills in organizational behavior like leadership skills, personality and learning skills. It also presented a frame work of understanding the field.
A very important aspect of this course was to be able to make sense of any organization in which l am placed or l find myself in the future. I believe without a doubt that after taking this course, l can adequately answer questions as to what is going on within an my organization at least from a human stand point.
Apart from helping me understand what management and organizational behavior is all about, the course has also helped to be familiar with information about how organizational behavior is acquired. For instance, an understanding of the leadership theory would explain why one person is a more effective leader than another. With the same theory, one can predict which people are likely to be effective as leaders. The…...

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