Parallel and Series Ports

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Video Summary 1
Topics covered in the videos 1.07, 1.09 and 1.11 * Ports * Connectors * Monitors * Video buses * Troubleshooting * Printers
* Serial ports transmit data 1 bit at a time. They are usually male and have 9-25 pins. * Parallel ports transmit data 8 bits at a time and are generally female with 25 pins. * Game ports have 15 pins laid out in two rows (female). * Video monitors have 15 pins but are laid in three rows (male)
* Early mice used a serial connector and keyboards used a 5 pin DIN connector. * Modern mice and keyboards use a PS/2 technology which is a much smaller 6 pin DIN connector or a USB or wireless connection. * NIC- Network Interface card uses a RJ-45 connector. * The NIC is responsible for connecting a computer to local and distant networks or the internet. * It also converts parallel communication used by the motherboard system into serial communication used by the network cable.
Modem, Video and USB * It is the slowest possible way of connecting to the internet. * Its standard speed is 56Kbps although v.92 standard supports faster speed. * They are responsible for converting the analog signal from the phone line into a digital format a computer can use. * It also converts the digital signal back to analog when sending a transmission. They connect using a RJ-11 connector. * Modern computers come with two types of video ports , the VGA (analog interface) D-type, 15pins, 3 rows and the DVI (digital visual interface) * USB- Universal Serial Bus are hot swappable. USB1 transmit at 12Mbps and are 3meters in length. USB2 transmit at 480Mbps they are 5meters in length. * Around 125 – (127 maximum) devices can be plugged into the computer. * SCSI connectors come in different sizes. The type A 50 pin narrow SCSI and the type P 68 pin…...

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...There are many input/output ports in a computer; below I’m going to list the different types of ports and their functions. The back panel of a personal computer: PS/2 Mouse Port (also known as Min-Den): is used to plug in mice, and pointing devices PS/2 Keyboard Port: is used to plug in the keyboard Ethernet Ports: This port is used to connect computers to a LAN (Local Area Network) line. SPDIF coaxial digital ports: uses a shielded cable with an RCA connector that’s used to receive signals from broadcast and cable TV and radio. It allows you to listen to FM radio and watch TV broadcasts from the PC. Parallel port (LPT): It was originally designed for use of parallel printers. However this port the most versatile of the I/O ports in the system. You are able to connect CD-ROM, scanners, and zip drives. USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports: you can connect up to 127 simultaneous devices, it’s hot swappable. USB ports come in different speeds, such as USB 1.1, 2.0 also known as Hi-speed USB, and 3.0 SuperSpeed. Serial port: Are used to connect external modems, serial printers, and PC to PC connections. They have from 9 or 25 pins generally used for streaming multi-media. 1/8-inch mini-jack audio ports: is used by sound cards and motherboard integrated sound for speakers, microphone, and line-in jacks. Most systems and sound cars use the PC99 color coding on the back of the panel * Pink: Microphone in *Light Blue: Line in *Lime Green: Stereo/Headphones out ......

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...Edgar Pixtun NT1110 Ports and Connectors There are many ports and connectors to a computer. The ports are; Serial, Parallel, and Game Ports. A serial port transfers 1 bit of data at a time and is a male port that has 9 or 25 pins, where as a parallel port transfers 8 bits at a time and is a female port with 25 pins, and a game port is a female port as well that has 15 pins laid out in 2 rows. Most computers have now replaced these with USB ports. There are two different USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports. USB port 1, transfers 12 Mbps and is 3 meters wide. USB port 2, transfers 480Mbps and is 5 meters wide. USB connectors come in two sizes, A-connector, and a B-connector, which is the smaller connector. A mouse and keyboard both use a PS/2 port but are now using a USB port wireless. USB can have a limit of 127 devices plugged in at the same time. NIC (Network Interface Card) converts parallel communication to serial and uses an RJ-45 connector. A Modem connects to the phone line but is the slowest way to connect to the internet. It has a transfer speed of 56kbps but V.92 is quicker and it converts analog into digital. The Modem uses a RJ-11 connector. Computers come with two input/ output connections, VGA that has an analog interface that is a D-type connector that has 15 pins laid out in 3 rows, a DVI that is a digital visual interface, and a S-video that connects to the T.V. and that is round with 4 or 7 pins. An SCSI has 2 different connectors narrow and wide.......

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