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Comparative Test
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potato Chips Bingo Parle Lays Haldirams Pringles Uncle Chips 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 3 4 66 84 63 66 182 72 200 60 18 130 110 120 150 20 20 20 15 122 20 42 10 5 20 15 20 20

Branded Chips & Snacks Stay within Munching limits!

Bikano Balaji Diamond Snack Food Kurkure Bikano Chatex Parle Fulltoss

Haldiram’sTakatak 2

Branded chips and snacks have become part of the daily diet for rural and urban kids in india. Working parents prefer to buy the branded chips and snacks as they believe that these are prepared hygienically and will provid some amount of energy and nourishment that the children are deprived of because of their parents busy schedules. Parents tend to forget that chips and snacks are fillers and not a whole meal that provides nutrition in some proportion. Consumer VOiCe did comparative testing of well known chips and snacks brands to find out how well these products perform on health and hygiene parametres . Fortunately all the tested products were endorsed as hygienic and as far as being healthy, the manufacturer were playing with words – ‘no added msg’, ‘edible oil’, ‘iodized salt’. So many different names confusing even educated consumers searching for definition of these words in dictionaries rather than being able to make a quick decision as to which product is most suited for them. Read our report to help you make a better choice next time!


rom being a poor man’s staple diet ensuring sufficient nutrition to a style statement of the 21st Century, potato has come a long way, blemishing its name in the process, with the lazy bums being named after it as ‘couch potatoes’. Potato chip is estimated to constitute nearly 85% of India’s total market of salty snack food market of about Rs 2500 crore. No exotic product has been as successful in clinching the Indian market as the humble…...

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