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PCOS, An Under Diagnosed Disorder


A very common, but often under diagnosed hormone disorder is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also known as, PCOS. A positive diagnosis along with treatment can become the answer to many other health problems, including infertility, which may have plagued the patient.

Purpose Statement

Shows how PCOS, when diagnosed and treated properly can become the answer to many other health problems, including infertility, which may have plagued the patient.

Statement of Qualification

I bring knowledge to this study because I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago at the age of 28. Having missed the proper diagnosis for the majority of my child-bearing years, I suffered from many of the symptoms that will be later discussed. I have since been under treatment and have found the answer too many of the health problems I had earlier in life.

PCOS, An Under diagnosed Disorder

In the medical field, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as (PCOS) is a disorder of

hormones that is rarely diagnosed. Many women carry out their lives with this disorder and are

never treated for it. The disorder is common, affecting as many as one out of ten; however, this

number may be higher due to under diagnosis. PCOS carries a wide range of symptoms and

they vary from person to person. A few of these symptoms are obesity, excessive hair growth,

irregular or absent periods, and infertility. A positive diagnosis along with treatment can become

the answer to many health problems that may have plagued the patient.

Usually, a diagnosis of this disorder is found because the patient has a totally unrelated

chief complaint, or so they think. A patient who is unhappy with facial hair that she can…...

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