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Running head: Adolescent Literature in the Content Area Classroom

Adolescent Literature in the Content Area Classroom

Kimberly O’Brien

Grand Canyon University SED 523N Adolescent Literacy August 3, 2010


Knowing how to increase student’s literacy skills in math, science and social studies is to teach student’s meaning of the words, historical information, and formulas the teacher instructs the student to learn. If all of the students are to figure out math equations whether in a story or numeric form, the student needs to read for the meaning, and just not the words or numbers.

Adolescent Literature in the Content Area Classroom

Teachers should always question themselves regarding the student’s ability to comprehend, complete the task, and whether the student’s are retaining the vocabulary instruction objectives. Interacting with other students gives each other more knowledge because, each student has different perceptions of any given answer the next student may not have thought of. As students move through the different areas when learning different types math, the support of the teacher is critical as a couch instead of the giver giving the students the opportunity to used their own minds, thoughts, and actions. Introduce a new way when teaching math. First, list what students already know about worded math problems, and what they want to know about it.

“In January 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 became law. Title II, Part B, of this legislation authorizes a Mathematics and Science Partnership competitive grant program. The intent of this program is to encourage institutions of higher education, local school districts, elementary schools, and secondary schools…...

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