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Statistical hypothesis is the numerical value of a population parameter. The chapter defines hypothesis in two different ways, one is the null hypothesis “which represents the status quo to the party performing the sampling experiment. The hypothesis that will be accepted unless the data provide convincing evidence that is false.” Another form of hypothesis that the chapter explains is the alternative or also known as research hypothesis “is that which will be accepted only if the data provide convincing evidence of its truth.” (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011, Chapter 6).
The null and alternative hypotheses are therefore * Null hypothesis (H0): μ ≤ 2,400 * Alternative (research) hypothesis (Ha): μ > 2,400
“The null hypothesis, denoted H0, represents the hypothesis that will be accepted unless the data provide convincing evidence that it is false. This usually represents the “status quo” or some claim about the population parameter that the researcher wants to test.
The alternative (research) hypothesis, denoted Ha, represents the hypothesis that will be accepted only if the data provide convincing evidence of its truth. This usually represents the values of a population parameter for which the researcher wants to gather evidence to support.” (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011, Chapter 6).
Along with discussing the aforementioned topics, we were also given the task of highlighting both the aspects that were most understood and the most problematic issues contained within the comparing the mean of two or more groups. This paragraph of work should serve as a summary of this highlighted part discussed. The reason being was there were several steps that had to be mentioned in order to perform this operation…...

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