‘People Working in Teams Always Achieve Their Goals More Efficiently and Effectively Than People Working Alone’.

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1.1 Aim

The aim of this research is to discuss the statement ‘people working in teams always achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than people working alone’. By relating academic research and the author’s personal observations to the theories of team development, team design, team effectiveness and motivation, this report will identify and analyse key factors that impact on team performance both positively and negatively to assist in drawing a conclusion as to the validity of the above statement.

1.2 Relevance

With every day that goes by the world edges closer to a globalized economy; as the furious advancement of technology continues with unyielding pace, organisations are expanding at a rate that is phenomenal. These organisations have started to reach for every source of information from newspapers to academic journals, from discoveries to breakthroughs to find a way to feed their growing expansion even faster. And with that has come the subject of teams. Numerous articles have been published about the benefits of teams. Peters & Waterman, (1982) as cited in Castka et al.,(2001) refer to teamwork as a critical factor in the most successful of companies. Another author, Colenso, (2000) as cited in Castka et al., (2001), suggests that if teams are used effectively it can result in significant improvements to productivity, creativity and employee satisfaction. The results of this research allow readers to gain some insight into the critical issues that affect team performance.

2.0 Teams

2.1 Definition

There exist various definitions to the word ‘team’, all of which are similar in meaning. In one instance, the term ‘team’ can be simply defined as "a group in which the individuals share a common aim and in which the jobs and skills of each member fit in with those of the others" (Adair, 1986 cited in Castka et al., 2001, pg. 124), or,…...

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