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Personal Communication Skills Analysis
Joseph Gullia
BUS 600: Management Communications with Technology Tools
Dr. Brian Shaw

Effective communication skills enable users to make the most of any situation, personal or professional. Understanding people and interpreting their needs are key in maximizing these potentials with friends or at work. Successful relationships rely on the ability to understand and communicate in a clear and concise matter (Baack, 2012). The ability to communicate not only effectively but efficiently comes with self-evaluation. Communicators must empower themselves with the knowledge of their own strengths and weakness and move forward by learning and practicing if they wish to be successful. The ability to perform a personal assessment identifies areas of opportunity and helps to achieve stronger communication skills. Assessment
The Psych Test is a 25 point questionnaire style analysis tool that tries to interpret responses to key message points to evaluate an individual’s communication skill sets. By gauging interpersonal communication skills, and responses to certain scenarios, this tool helps to identify style and the reasoning behind the outcome (Psych Test, 2014). Points given for each answer produce the user with a numeric score that results in a certain number placement range. My personal score was a 68 giving me the feedback of Insightfulness as my outcome (Psych Test, 2014).
The test concluded that I was making genuine use of my abilities, but functioning well below my full potential. My results indicated an adept style of interpreting other people’s words and actions and seeing things from their perspective. I was also prone to the rare misunderstandings through miscommunication. My insightfulness helps me to realize that empathy is an…...

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