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I have a little more than two years working experience as a nurse on the medical surgical floor that focuses on orthopedic and bariatric patients. I also have another job as a medication assistant at Austin Community College (ACC). This job allows me to collaborate with a nursing instructor by educating level one nursing students in a hospital setting in medication administration safety, basic nursing skills, critical thinking skills, evidence-based practice, core measures, and providing effective and holistic nursing care.
My goals as a nurse is to build a trusting relationship with my patients and promote the patient’s sense of control in order to attain quality, holistic health. These goals are very similar with my ACC students. As I assist in teaching them how to reach their potential as a future nurse, I want us to trust each other, and I want them to be autonomous in researching answers themselves to provide quality care. My nursing care before this class was more focused on evidence-based practice since I did not consciously incorporate theory into my bedside practice.
This personal framework paper will review my personal values, beliefs, and nursing philosophy in relation to my bedside nursing practice and medication assistant position. I will describe Erickson, Tomlin, and Swain’s Modeling and Role Modeling Theory (MRMT) and how it applies to the nursing metaparadigm and my nursing practice. I will further compare and contrast the theory of Modeling and Role Modeling to my philosophy and approach to nursing, and describe a situation in which my framework could have been applied.
Empiricism is a philosophy that views reason, predictability, and explanation are key to knowing the truth and proving why a phenomenon occurs. Knowledge and beliefs are obtained through evidence and experience. Observations through experiences serve as facts,…...

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