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Roanoke Branch Business Proposal

To: Executive Team
From: ( Vice President of Human Resources)
Subject: Roanoke Branch issues

As vice president of human resources for Phoenix advertising, I believe by fixing the employee morale issue discovered in the Roanoke branch will help solve every other issue contained in this branch. I have solved several issues like this in others branches with much success and will do the same for Roanoke. The biggest issue to be resolved is employee morale as this directly affects every other issue discovered. By accepting my proposal, I will get this branch back on track and gain new clients to help grow the business.
I conducted a one week field investigation to locate all issues that have arisen in this branch. If the low employee morale is not contained, all over issues will never be resolved. This issue is in dire need of being resolved. I used several techniques to uncover all issues in this branch. The main three consist of low employee morale, poor work quality and little communication between departments of this branch. Severe turnover rate is the cause of these problems but they were started by lack of executive involvement in the work process. When projects began coming back from the client and had to be redone, employee morale started to drop. During the investigation I discovered that 80% of employees have never been praised for good work. I also discovered that 30% have debated on finding a new job due to current conditions in Roanoke. I determined these findings by conducting surveys and one on one interviews. Below is a list of goals that I plan to achieve through the stages of my plan. * Relearn Phase is to help employees relearn their job and work in teams * Branch executive phase is to help him decipher the difference between positive reinforcement and punishment for bad behavior. *…...

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