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PIE IN THE SKY V/S HOBNOB | How Pie in the Sky can increase its market share? | |

Dated: 13th December 2011



This report is based on the research and in depth analysis of the consumer preference of Karachi between two bakeries “Pie in the Sky” and “Hobnob” and focuses on key areas on the fact that Pie in the Sky, being a new entrant will be able to form a strong brand image like Hobnob. We have focused on primary research which was done through questionnaires distributed to different universities of Karachi, as well as interviews with some young males and females.
As you have got the idea that our research is based on comparing two brands, “Pie in the Sky” and “Hobnob”. Pie in the Sky has achieved fame respect and appreciation in a small span of time. Their aim is to make delicious, hygienic sweets and achieve a status in this market, keeping in mind the competitors. They have over 150 varieties of sweets, cakes, ice creams, etc. We tried comparing it with Hobnob which has been the lead in this market, to see how well it is doing and tried to predict that what sort of a future it can have. Pie in the Sky being a new born has done well, which we saw through our research.
Basically Pie in the Sky has dedicated itself towards its aim, whereas Hobnob had its strengths…...

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