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a. Which model was used in this case?
The model that was used in this case was the Action Research Model. The organizational development practitioner facilitated a lot of steps that this model discussed. Stating that the organization due to new law has to transfer the operation of San Diego’s airport to the SDCRAA by January 2003 identified the problem identification step. Thella Bowens also consulted with a Behavioral Science Expert when she participated in the Aviation division’s strategic planning process in 2001. Another step that identifies this model was used is how “data gathering and preliminary diagnosis” was done by Ms. Bowens putting twelve functional teams together responsible for collecting data, establishing new or parallel functions for the new SDCRAA and highlighting any issues related to the startup of that particular function. “Feedback to key clients or groups” step was also used. i. Discuss whether or not the correct model was chosen, and how the situation in this case may have varied from the models discussed in your text.
The model chosen in order to undergo the planned change initiative of transferring the operation of San Diego’s International Airport to that of the SDCRAA by January 2003 was a good choice for Thella Bowen and her interim advisory board—Action Research Model. It was discussed that data was collected in order for Bowen to familiarize herself with the issue at hand. Also, it was told that Bowen “[revised] the existing strategic plan, [hired] staff to research, [discussed], and create[d] a transition plan, ...and [conducted] retreats with employees from multiple organizational levels” (32). ii. The situation at the San Diego International Airport differed from the other two models discussed in the book. This initiative did not follow the positive model in the fact that there was no breakdown of the positive…...

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