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The purpose of my project and essay is to familiarize ourselves with the different planets within our own solar system. I will present different, unique and amazing facts about each the eight planets. My project also displays a colored example of what each planet appears to look like as well as statistical information. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are called the terrestrial planets because they have solid rocky surfaces. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and are called gas giants. Earth is the only planet of the eight that has life forms as we know them. All other planets have extreme conditions such as temperatures, atmospheres and weather that make life as we know it impossible to exist, but we still keep looking for alien signs of life.

Mercury Mercury is a small planet that spins very slowly in orbit around the sun. It is the planet closest to the sun and has extreme temperature changes. During the day the temperature can soar to 870° Fahrenheit and at night time down to -300° Fahrenheit. Mercury has no moons and a very small and weak atmosphere because the Sun’s solar winds have blown it away. This causes very little to no air on Mercury.
Venus and Earth are just about the same size, but Venus always has a thick cloud cover making it impossible to see the surface of the planet, and traps a lot of the Sun’s heat making it the hottest average temperature of all the planets. The average temperature is 850° Fahrenheit. Venus is very similar to earth because it has mountains, valleys and volcanoes but its atmosphere makes it too hot for any life to exist.

Earth Earth is about 4.55 billion years old, as are most of the other planets that are in this paper. It is our home planet of course, and is the largest of all the terrestrial planets with all the right conditions for life to exist. It has…...

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