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Could a company even plan for this type of situation? If yes, how? If not, why not?
Yes, a company can plan for this type of situation. Natural disasters are unpredictable and can happen any time. However, when facing a situation like this they can plan for a specific but flexible plant.

Would goals be useful in this type of situation? What types of goals might a manufacturing company like BMW have in such a situation? How about a global airlines? How about a small flower grower in Kenya?
Yes, setting up goals would be important in a crisis situation. Goals would provide managers and employees a direction outwards the outcome and it will also help them to evaluate their performances.
BMW- BMW would want to have a strategic goal coming from division management. As the issue is with one particular plant so the decision will have to come from the Management of that division.
Global Airlines- As this is a crisis of global airlines the strategic planning will have to come from top management.
Small flower grower- The strategic goals of small flower growers could be more of individual level.

What type of plans could companies use in this type of situation? Explain why you think these plans would be important?
Companies would use specific but flexible plans. Natural disasters are crisis situation which coming without any prior warning so using a specific plan seems the best solution. Managers can focus on the particular problem and aim to eliminate the issue. However, they also need to make sure they are flexible and are willing to alter the plan when needed.

What lessons about planning can managers learn from this crisis?
Crisis situation in businesses can come any time and managers always need to be aware about it. From this crisis situation managers can learn that no matter how concrete the plan is they might have to alter the plan when the situation…...

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